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Any company that wants to do things right and in the best possible way should be familiar with ISO standards by now. Mostly because many of them are mandatory and formal regulations that allow it to operate and continuously grow. Do you consider yourself and your company one of those that have applied every standard that is not only mandatory but also necessary? If you are a new business that isn’t too familiar with them or a company that needs some assistance in implementing any ISO to enjoy its benefits, we can help you with it.

At ISO Pros, we are a reliable and more importantly, validated company that has been operating for over 15 years. We know everything about standards—since it is our field—but when we say everything, we are quite serious about it. Unlike other validated companies, you will find in Saint Paul and all over Minnesota, we know about several standards at the same time. This means you can implement several ISOs regardless of the industry your company is part of, and this is a huge advantage since organizations like us tend to provide services for only companies in specific industries, such as automotive or aerospace.

We wanted to do something different that could be positive for everyone. This is the reason behind our enthusiasm for providing over 30 ISO standards that go from the aerospace industry to the food industry, and many more. And some of them are either formal regulations or optional, that can be implemented for companies that are trying to either meet requirements to continue operating or want to gain all the benefits of a specific ISO. Now, many clients and people overall ask us how they can implement any standard they need. If you aren’t too familiar with this, it is quite simple.

Saint Paul MN-ISO 9001 Saint Paul MN-ISO PROS #30

ISOs—have you might know by now—are normative that provide guidelines and requirements for companies to follow and meet in order to guarantee they are able to provide specific products, services, or have a certain level of performance. All standards are about something different or similar, but when they are quite similar to another it is because they are applied depending on the industry and the considerations of this.

For example, one of the mandatory ISOs you will have to implement is ISO 9001, which is a standard that focuses on the Quality Management System of any company from any industry. It is aiming for the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of the system to ensure companies can provide high-quality products and services while meeting specific standards—which might some a bit redundant. When you meet every requirement in the normative, you have the option of getting certified in order for clients, customers, and other companies to know you are capable of providing them what they expect. Or show what your company is capable of in specific areas and departments of it.

In our company, we have this ISO standard available, and if you need help with it or any other for its implementation, we also provide support and training services.   You just need to contact us and let us know what ISO you need and want us to implement for you or train you in it.   For you to have an idea of what standards we have available, you will find some of them below.

ISO 14001

Most companies don’t focus nor invest their efforts and time in implementing standards that aren’t mandatory. And they consider it even less when it doesn’t promote or benefit their companies directly. However, some ISOs are created to protect something that might not be related to the company and its operations—directly.

But they can guarantee improvements that, in the long-term, benefit them. This is what happens with ISO 14001. It is a normative that sets out every requirement and parameter to protect the environment and companies that implement it are compromised and responsible for making it happen. In simpler words, it is all about taking care of the ecosystem and ensure that the company’s operations and processes won’t affect it while it also promotes protection through different activities.

Companies and organizations that decide to implement this ISO are usually aiming to do the right thing for the planet. But if you want a direct benefit for your business, you need to know that most companies, clients, and customers are starting to rely on businesses compromised with this task.

AS9100, IATF 16949, and ISO 13485

Standards AS9100 and IATF 16949 have only one thing in common: improve and guarantee the quality of products, parts, components, and services. However, they are aiming for different industries and therefore, companies, and some aspects are a bit different to achieve the main goals. AS9100 is a standard for the aerospace industry that focuses all its requirements and guidelines in improving the Quality Management System of the company.

In this way, it is able to provide only high-quality parts, components, and services in small or large scales. IATF 16949 is quite similar but it is for the automotive industry only, and more than working in the QMS of the company, it intends to focus the efforts on the production cycle. After all, the main goal is to reduce or eliminate waste in the production that will boost the performance and quality of what the company provides. And also, reduce the failures in the production. These are mandatory standards for the respective industries and companies that are aiming for the services and products involved.

Many of our clients have implemented them with us and increased their opportunities and clients’ influx thanks to the ISOs and certifications. In the case of ISO 13485, it is similar to the previous ones but it is only focused on guaranteeing the quality of medical devices. Companies and manufacturers of these products MUST meet the standard to ensure their devices are perfect to be used and won’t present defects. It is quite hard to provide high-quality medical devices but it is possible with the right ISO implemented.

ISO 45001

All companies must have a well-established Occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure its workers and employees aren’t prone to accidents nor diseases or illnesses. Unfortunately, not many companies decide to implement the corresponding standard for it unless they are in the manufacturing or construction industry. Every job represents and has its own kind of risks, which is why taking safety and health measures is not extra but rather necessary.

ISO 45001 establishes several parameters and also, requirements, to ensure the workers’ and even visitors’ safety and health in the working areas or any part of the company and business. This is a formal regulation for companies of all industries that might not be implemented at the beginning but will always be necessary for the future—a very near one.


The first one stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, and it is the newest standard in our company. It was released in January 2020 and only in June 2020 started to be a formal regulation. Since its release, we made sure to train our experts in not only understanding it but to be able to provide support and advice in case you request and need it.

You will need to implement CMMC if you work around the Department of Defense in the United States or if you are a direct contractor. This standard and system work around 5 different levels that determine the security hygiene of the company to protect information and data, usually unclassified.

The system is just like its name: all about maturity that could be considered improvement and growth in the area. It is only necessary for defense contractors, but many companies—although the standard is recent—have contacted us to see if they can implement it differently.

After all, the need of increasing cybersecurity hygiene is important for companies in several industries. But other ISOs are available for this unless you are trying to achieve something specific with this new one. CMMI on the other hand stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration and it is a standard that can be implemented in any company. It aims for the improvement of different areas simultaneously.

The method is quite similar to the previous one since it consists of 5 different levels where each one identifies and addresses specific problems and issues in the company and its areas. This is an amazing standard to ensure your company is able to grow and improve every aspect and element in it and with this, guarantee the best products or services to your clients. When going for CMMI you show your clients you’re capable of meeting their needs and requirements without problems or many failures—if there is any.

We at ISO Pros, even found it so important and relevant that we’re not only specialized in implementing and supporting you, but we are—ourselves—certified in CMMI. And we assure you it is completely worth it.

Can you implement ISOs in Saint Paul, Minnesota?

We have our main offices in this city since we established it there many years ago. However, we know how difficult and important is to find an experienced, validated, and reliable company for your standards. This is why we have made sure to establish different offices all over Minnesota and not only in the larger cities but small ones as well. Therefore, you can rely on us and access our services in Saint Paul or wherever you are located in the state.

Rest assured that every expert and auditor regardless of the location is qualified and well-trained to conduct the implementation for you, or assist you in the process. We still have many other ISOs available but the previous ones are the most requested and popular among our clients and people asking for our services. If you are looking for another one or something in specific, you can visit another section of our website to find the entire ISO’s list.

You can also contact us and ask all your questions, let our staff and experts know your doubts and they will be more than happy to answer and clear everything out. You can access and request services without having to meet specific conditions or requirements like other ISO companies in the state. So, if you need only one service or two—maybe many services at the same time—you can let us know since it is possible.

Make sure to contact us using the phone number available or with the contact form on our website. We are waiting to know about you, your ISO needs, and your company. It doesn’t matter if it is located in Saint Paul or any other city in Minnesota. As long as you contact us, we will be there for you.